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  • This potent hybrid is a three-way cross of Blue Dream x Banana OG x Ocean Beach OG. Made without ever touching chemicals, it has fruit forward notes of banana with an herbal OG finish. The first of many in our Solventless line, it’s tasty and well-balanced, relaxing but with an energizing cerebral high.

    Jetty Solventless Vape is made from live rosin that’s extracted using only ice, water, heat, and pressure. Purified for maximum potency, it delivers the true essence of the plant from start to finish. We have yet to find a better pre-filled vape cartridge than this one. Not only does it taste exactly like flower, but we love the fact that no solvents were used to make it! GMO x Strawnana is a perfect blend of pungent spice with a sweet, smooth and fruity finish. This indica produces a balanced yet powerful effect with a long lasting body high.

$45.00·Half Gram Cartridge
Hybrid; Banana Creme
Jetty Extracts | Learn more at www.jettyextracts.com/
510 Thread Vape Cartridge
Light Gold Color
Sweet, Banana, Spearmint
Heavy, Body-Centric, Euphoric
Extraction Method:
Solventless; Ice Water Extraction
Lab Results:
Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals
License #:
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