Tinctures are a concentrated oil or alcohol-based form of cannabis which can be taken orally or used to infuse any of your favorite foods or drinks. At HERB, we offer a variety of CBD and THC tinctures for sale, which are available in a variety of potencies and flavors such as Royal Mint, Citrus and Cinnamon. Many of our THC and CBD sublingual drops are designed to help you achieve a certain effect, like relaxation or creativity. Order tinctures for delivery and we’ll see you in less than an hour!

Fast, Efficient and Inconspicuous

All the THC tinctures we have for sale provide fast and efficient methods of dosing. By placing a few drops under the tongue, it’s readily absorbed and provides the necessary effect. Tinctures are also inconspicuous and do not produce an odor. They’re a great low-calorie alternative to other consumption methods. Start with a few drops and increase once you attain the desired effect. It’s safe and efficient. We offer automatic discounts on bulk orders, and full guarantees on all products. If you’re not happy with your tincture delivery, reach out so we can replace it or return it.

Quality over Quantity

Our mission at HERB is to provide only the best CBD and THC tinctures for sale from California’s top producers. We offer them to you at fair prices along with outstanding customer service. We believe in quality over quantity. Every person on the team, even our drivers are directly employed by us. There is no third party or supplier involved. Our huge selection of THC and CBD sublingual drops offer ease and comfort. First time members receive $20 off their first order, plus a HERB Bic lighter, HERB sticker, and HERB welcome card. Sign up now. Delivery in 30 to 60 minutes in Los Angeles.