Live Resin Vaporizers

Live resin cannabis concentrates are in a class all their own. No other type of concentrate will get you closer to the effects of cannabis flower. With a premium-quality vape pen or cartridge, you can enjoy your favorite concentrates on the go! There are no other concentrates that are more flavorful, aromatic, or potent than those found in our live resin vape pens and cartridges. Order yours now with HERB!

Live Resin Collection

Explore a collection of the best sativa, indica, and hybrid vape pens you’ve ever experienced. We feature well-established and carefully curated live resin vape pens and cartridges from top brands like Lowell Farms, Jetty Extracts, Bloom Farms, and Raw Garden. Our cartridges come in half-gram or one gram sizes, while our PAX Era pods clock in at half a gram of resin.

Don’t have a vape battery? We’ve got you covered. You can snag our HERB vape pen battery for FREE when you purchase three 510 thread cartridges. Get everything you need to enjoy premium vaping with HERB!

Delivery Made Easy with HERB

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