HERB offers a variety of vegan weed edibles including gummies, baked goods, drinks, mints, and tinctures to fulfill your needs! Whether you’re seeking something to get you started in the morning or the perfect night cap to end a great day, we’ve got you covered. Choose from a variety of edibles to quench your thirst, satisfy your hunger, calm you down, or lift you up. However you choose to indulge, you can be rest assured that you will enjoy speedy delivery with all of our high-quality, vegan edibles in Los Angeles when shopping with us. Browse our selection today and get your HERB journey started.

Care By Design - Focus Lemon Ginger Fruit Chews 24 count. White mylar bag with picture of lemons, ginger and the yellow fruit chews
Care by Design
Focus - Lemon Ginger - Fruit Chews
$16.00·24mg THC + 120mg CBD + 24mg THCv
Care By Design - Relax Mango Raspberry - Fruit Chews
Care by Design
Relax - Mango Raspberry - Fruit Chews
$16.00·24mg THC + 120mg CBD + 24mg Δ8THC
Care By Design - Relief Huckleberry Basil - Fruit Chews
Care by Design
Relief - Huckleberry Basil - Fruit Chews
$16.00·60mg THC + 120mg CBD + 60mg CBG

New Diet, Same Great Taste

HERB offers high quality vegan edibles which provide that perfect, euphoric bite every time while maintaining your specific diet.

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