OM Edibles - Daytime Elixir
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  • Daytime Elixir (SH)

  • This formula is a balanced combination of healing herbs specifically geared for day time needs.

    OM Edibles tinctures are designed to be light and are deliciously alcohol free. Ginger, Echinacea, and Sativa Hybrid flowers make this medicine well rounded and balanced. Each elixir contains approximately 150 mg of THC and 15 mg of CBD per 1 oz. bottle.

    They use a combination of organically grown flowers, organically grown activated flowers, and Gold Drop 0 ppm solvent-free extract. It may be enjoyed plain or added to the beverage of your choice (hot, cold, or sparkling).

$32.00·150mg THC + 5mg CBD
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MCT coconut oil, sun grown cannabis flowers, cannabis concentrate, ginger root & ecinacea
Approx. 150 mg THC + 15 mg CBD per 1 oz. container
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