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  • The remarkably spot-on scent of blueberries will leave a lasting impression as it electrifies your taste buds upon the first whiff. This strain has a mouthwatering sweet berry flavor profile to match its captivating scent. The taste of juicy berries is a true delight to the senses. Grab the snacks and prepare yourself for the ultimate chill sesh with DJ Short Blueberry! This potent body high will envelop you like a warm blanket as a major case of couch lock settles in. Reach for this strain on movie night, before bed, or during a luxurious bath.

    The Farmer’s Eighth offers our customers 4 full grams of flower, as opposed to the industry standard of 3.5g with no price increase. Every nug is hand-trimmed to perfection.

$30.00·4 Grams
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Lowell Farms
Indica; Thai x Purple Thai x unknown Afghani Indica strain
Blueberry, Sweet, Cream
Sedative, Bliss, Relaxed
Lab Results:
Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals

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