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  • Unrivaled potency is back! Korova uses a combination of Delta(Δ) 8 and Delta(Δ) 9 THC to create a delicious and super powerful cookie. Δ9 THC provides a head high and an intense onset, while Δ8 THC provides a more body effect and smoother high. Together these cannabinoids are a potent pair, so average cannabis consumers should be careful! 


    Made in a facility that process products that contain milk, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. 

$50.00·One Cookie w/ 100mg Δ9 THC + 900mg Δ8 THC
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Korova; learn more at korovaunrivaled.com
Baked Good, Cookie
Low Calorie, Low Sugar
100 mg Delta-9 THC, 900 mg Delta-8 THC