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  • Koffee Breath smells like that first-morning cup of joe after a good night’s sleep. Its earthy aroma with hints of cocoa is sure to wake you right up. The flavor of Koffee Breath is much like its aroma, expect deep, rich earthy tones that rush over your palette like that first sip of coffee. After smoking Coffee Breath, expect a boost of euphoric energy, cerebral bliss, and a delightful body buzz.

    The Farmer’s Eighth offers our customers 4 full grams of flower, as opposed to the industry standard of 3.5g with no price increase. Every nug is hand-trimmed to perfection.

$30.00·4 Grams
Lowell Farms
Coffee, Earth, Cocoa
Sleepy, Bliss, Relaxed
Lab Results:
Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals

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