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  • Experience an exciting dynamic of relaxation and creativity from a balanced blend of Hybrid strains, perfect for any afternoon escape. 35's are rolled in a range of signature, single-origin blends. Each blend features a curated ratio of unique strains & terpene profiles designed to suit every occasion. So choose your blend(s) and enjoy superior quality whenever you need it.

    Lowell 35's offer unparalleled quality and exceptional smokeability. Every pack of 35's includes 10 Tall Smokes, each containing a perfect .35g of premium, whole flower. The entire manufacturing process is fully automated - resulting in a completely redesigned pre-roll format that promises a superior roll, every time.

    Product Specs:
    - 10 Tall Smokes (.35g each)
    - A full Eighth of premium whole flower (3.5g)
    - Ultra-thin hemp paper
    - Biodegradable craft crutch
    - Freshness-sealed

$25.00·10 Pre-Rolls / 3.5 Grams
Lowell Farms
Hybrid Blend
Slim pre-rolls in natural unbleached paper.
Balanced, Body-Centric, Euphoric
Lab Results:
Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metal

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