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7 Facts Nobody Told You About Feminized Marijuana Seeds


It doesn't matter where you smoke your stash--whether it's on a lonely mountain ridge or at a party but have you ever wondered which marijuana plant gives that cannabinoid-rich buds you enjoy?

Perhaps no one has ever told you about feminized cannabis seeds.
If you've ever thought of growing your marijuana for either medicinal or recreational use, you must have come across the term; feminized marijuana seeds. These are marijuana seeds which can only produce female cannabis plants.
Here is a rundown of the seven facts nobody told you about these cannabis seeds...

1. There are a lot of ways of producing feminized seeds
There are plenty of ways you can produce your feminized cannabis seeds. Once the plant is mature, it will flower, and ultimately produce the feminized marijuana seeds. What is essential here is stressing the target female plants, so they become hermaphroditic. (We should mention here that not all harvested flower buds come from hermaphroditic plants!)
From here, they will produce the pollen grains which you will need to fertilize other female plants and get your seeds.

2. You can’t differentiate feminized cannabis seeds from the regular ones by just looking at them
You may have come across beliefs/assumptions that you can easily differentiate between a feminized marijuana seed from the regular seed or flowering seed. Now, this assumption is entirely false.
When shopping for feminized marijuana seeds, it's prudent that you buy your seeds from certified dealers. Buy from a dealer with a good reputation, and you can also trust them. Not by just looking at the seeds and making conclusions.

3. These seeds are very affordable
Gone are the days when these seeds used to cost a fortune. However, we must acknowledge that when the feminized marijuana seeds were first introduced, they were expensive. Today, thousands of marketers produce them.
This has resulted in a decrease in prices to the advantage of small-scale dealers/growers who are just starting. So long as your state has legalized cannabis, finding these high-grade seeds shouldn't be a problem. Only be sure to do good research before making your purchase decision.

4. The storage conditions for feminized marijuana seeds is the same as that of the regular seeds
Even though these seeds are special, this doesn't make their storage needs different from other regular cannabis seeds. Once you've got your seed, and you're planning to use it after some time, just keep it the way you'd had kept the other marijuana seeds.
It is, however, important to remember that marijuana seeds tend to absorb moisture easily. You'd, therefore, need to store them in a region with relative humidity. It's recommended that you store them in an area with around 20% to 30% humidity.
In terms of temperature ranges, it's wise that you store them in around 6° to 8° C temperature ranges. You would need a refrigerator to do this. For the best result, it’s recommended that you keep them in defrost model refrigerators.

5. The technology of producing feminized seeds was discovered long before they were tried on cannabis seeds
It’s okay if you imagine that feminization in seeds was a new technology that came along from cannabis cultivation. This is a traditional agricultural technology that had been in use for thousands of years ago. It only made the growth and production of high-grade marijuana in large scale easy, as well as affordable for most users.

6. The resulting plants from feminized marijuana seeds don't require special treatment for growth
Ever thought that you'd need special conditions for your feminized marijuana seeds to produce good quality buds in high quantities? Well, marijuana is marijuana. Whether feminized or not, the plant won't need special treatment. Just make sure the place is fertile!

7. Feminized cannabis seeds are fully packed with omega 3, 6 and nine fatty acids
These nutrients are pivotal for an active body. To get them in full you should have the seeds in whole. It's also important to note that you can orally take these seeds by chewing them. You may also make them somewhat tastier by making smoothies from them or boiling them with tea to make 'ganja tea.' Unlike other cannabis plant components like the stems and leaves, the seeds won't make you high.
To wrap it all up. This is another shocking revelation about feminized cannabis seeds you probably didn't know. Even in countries where 'weed' is illegal, it's perfectly okay to carry your seeds along. This is a bit confusing, but it kind of sheds some light into a future where marijuana will be legalized for medicinal and related uses.

Author Bio: Jessica has been closely studying the cannabis industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes an interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current marijuana trends, particularly medical cannabis.